wire & Tube China 2018 - International Wire & Cable Industry Trade Fair
Monday, Dec 11, 2017
Booth renewals continue to rise with Taiwanese firms' high interest to participate

Although the exhibition is still a year away, the organizers have received renewal requests from many former exhibitors during the short sales period in the past few months. This not only reflects wire & Tube China's industry appeal in Asia, but also the positive trend in the whole market.

The event organizers expect over 1,700 established brands to gather during the four-day exhibition (September 26-29, 2018) in Shanghai. In addition to local Chinese exhibitors, foreign brands from Germany, Italy, North America, Austria, France, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan will be attending the International Pavilion at the exhibition.

Preview of a few exhibitors at Taiwan Pavilion @ Hall W1 (as of November 30, 2017)

  • Cheng I Drawing Machinery Co., Ltd.
Since its establishment in 1970, Cheng I Drawing Machinery Co., Ltd. has been exclusively developing and manufacturing various types of wire drawing machinery. The company's focus has been to develop more advanced and better quality machinery. www.chengi.com.tw

  • Weilly Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd.
With more than 25 years of experience in both natural and polycrystalline diamond wire drawing dies, WDI has become one of the industry leaders in Taiwan. WDI's shaped diamond came out in 1995 and WDI is now the first and only manufacturer of shaped diamond dies in Taiwan. www.weilly.com.tw

  • Elite Machine and Design Ltd.
Elite Machine and Design specializes in producing combined drawing machines, drawing systems for steel and nonferrous steel, straightening/polishing lines for bright bar production, two-roll straightener machines, chamfering machines, extending machines, multi-roll straightener machines and other equipment.

  • Unistrong Industrial Co. Ltd.
Unistrong offers tunnel pickling line of special design close tunnel to minimize the exhaustion of corrosive fumes providing maximum isolation to outside environment. www.unistrong.com.tw

  • Fu Pao Chemical Co., Ltd.
Totoku Toryo Group is a manufacturer of insulation coatings, and Fu Pao Chemical, a company under the Totoku Toryo Group which has become one of the well-established enameled wire suppliers in the world. Its products include PU, PE, PEI, PAI, self bonding, over coating, PVF, anti corona products, etc. web.fupao.com

It is estimated that the biennial wire & Tube China event will gather 46,000 professionals from 95 countries and regions in September 2018.

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